We like to see ourselves as guardians of a little piece of the world, and from the great masters of wine, we learn the meaning of respecting the land, taking care of each individual vine and its fruit. Until we marvel at the guided miracle of winemaking!
– Lorenzo e Leonardo

Guardians of a littlepiece of the world

Our philosophy

With humility, we lookto our predecessors and tradition

Ephemeral custodians

Someone came before us, and there will be someone after us. With humility, we look to our predecessors and tradition. At the same time, as children of our generation, we embrace innovation. We strictly use pesticides authorized for organic farming in minimal quantities as part of integrated pest management. Most of our vineyard work is done manually, but we do not demonize mechanical methods.

We encourage spontaneous ground cover, and our fertilizer is organic. In the cellar, we focus on craftsmanship, starting with the harvest, which is done largely by hand. We are only at the beginning, but we have a clear vision and are determined to convey our identity through our bottles.